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OD Info
On Display (Bryce Can Play, Part 1)

Bryce and Mateo have a happy, fulfilling marriage. 
They also have an arrangement.

Mat gets off on the attention his slutty, sexy husband earns from other men.

And Mat’s work requires him to travel a few times a year.

So when Mat’s away, Bryce can play.
Bryce woke up in an empty bed, but he won’t be alone for long.

His husband’s away on a business trip, and he has permission to spend the whole week playing around.

On the day his husband leaves, Bryce reconnects with Theo, an old friend and former mentor. As a sculptor, Theo is fascinated by the human body. Especially Bryce’s.

Bryce loves Theo’s gentle soul, his strong hands, and his big dick. He loves how sexy he feels when Theo looks at him.

Join them for an evening of friendship, playful touching, and affectionate-but-vigorous sex.

“On Display” is the first story in the BRYCE CAN PLAY series, but can be enjoyed as a standalone. It’s perfect for lovers of older/younger pairings, nudity and exhibitionism, delayed gratification, teasing, toys, anal play, and bareback sex. 6000 words.
BRYCE CAN PLAY is a series of gay erotic shorts. Each story chronicles the adventures of Bryce, a sexy submissive slut in a non-monogamous marriage. Bryce has permission to play around while his husband’s out of town, so he’s cramming his week as full of sexual adventures as he can. With a little luck and a lot of can-do spirit, he’s going to make his husband proud while also earning a rigorous punishment.

These stories are for ADULTS who enjoy explicit depictions of gay sexual encounters. Some episodes are kinkier than others, but each explores the idea of power exchange and giving and taking control.

CT Info
Couples Therapy (Bryce Can Play, Part 2)

When Mat’s away, Bryce can play.

Bryce’s husband is out of town, but he’s excited hang out with his best friend and former college roommate Cort. They were each other’s firsts, after all. These days, Cort’s dating Alec, and when these three men get together, things can get wild.

But then a lovers’ quarrel threatens to derail Bryce’s night of guy-on-guy-on-guy fun. Can his mastery of compassionate listening and vigorous fellatio save get things back on track?

Join Bryce for an evening of getting tipsy on expensive bourbon, reliving the past with his best bud, taking orders, enthusiastic oral sex, and learning--while having delightful and guilt-free fun with other men--to appreciate his husband more than ever.

“Couples Therapy” is the second story in the BRYCE CAN PLAY series, but can be enjoyed as a standalone. It’s perfect for lovers of masturbation, affectionate massage, two bottoms sharing a bossy top, passionate kissing, sloppy oral, delayed gratification, voyeurism, and best friends working together to achieve a goal. 7000 words.

TO Info
Turned Out (Bryce Can Play, Part 3)

When Mat’s away, Bryce can play.

On the third day his husband’s out of town, Bryce meets up with a married man who’s curious to explore his bisexuality and the ethics of non-monogamy.

Bryce doesn’t top often, but there’s something about Carey. In Bryce’s presence, he's shy and skittish. Vulnerable. He knows what he wants but not how to ask for it. That combination of reluctance and need brings out the Dom in Bryce.

Join them for an afternoon of learning to communicate, learning to let go, and learning to trust, and some pretty intense D/s boning.

“Turned Out” is the third story in the BRYCE CAN PLAY series, but can be enjoyed as a standalone. It’s perfect for lovers of shy guys, freckled gingers, shifting power dynamics, mild humiliation, spit and spunk play, pushing your limits, and getting what you’ve asked for. 7000 words.

Throw Hips (Bryce Can Play, Part 4)

When Mat’s away, Bryce can play.

Sometimes you need it quick and cheap. That’s why Bryce keeps Skye around.

On the fourth day his husband’s out of town, Bryce gets in touch with a tattooed dirtbag for a session in a low-down motel room. There’s not a lot of affection between Skye and him, but there is a long-standing game of cat-and-mouse, in which each guy tries to get what he can without giving too much away.

Join them for an afternoon of rough-and-tumble power struggles, mind games, and the kind of physical exertion that only comes when you’re willing to really get wild.

“Throw Hips” is the fourth story in a series, but can be enjoyed as a standalone. It’s perfect for lovers of unhealthy attachments, pierced-and-tattooed bad boys, public sex, bad decisions, calculated risks, and working out grudges. 7000 words.

TH Info
Quick Study (Bryce Can Play, Part 5)

When Mat’s away, Bryce can play.
A good teacher never stops learning, and Bryce loves learning from Julián

On the fifth day his husband’s out of town, Bryce travels to D.C. to meet up with his favorite former student. But Julián’s changed a lot since he was a shy college freshman. He still has those big brown eyes and that adorable lisp, but he’s gotten a whole lot better at pursuing what he wants.

Join them for an evening of rekindling old memories, discreet touching, sneaking around in the dark, and straining against the ties that bind.

“Quick Study” is the fifth story in a series, but can be enjoyed as a standalone. It’s perfect for lovers of older/younger pairings, affection, sex in public places, power exchange, light bondage, and topping from the bottom. 7500 words.

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ItD Info
In the Dark (Bryce Can Play, Part 6)

When Mat’s away, Bryce can play.
It’s gonna be a blowout!

On the sixth day his husband’s out of town, Bryce revisits the place it all began—the gay bath house where he met the love of his life. Mat may be away, but Bryce can’t help thinking about their first time together, even while he’s suspended in a sling, serving himself up to a whole gang of greedy strangers.

Anything can happen in the dark.

Join him for an afternoon of anonymous sex, submitting to his most secret needs, and taking as much as you can get. (And if you like a little sweet with your spice, there’s also a meet-cute.)

“In the Dark” is the sixth story in a series, but can be enjoyed as a standalone. It’s perfect for lovers of mixing wild and grimy anonymous sex in public places and finding the power in being used. 8000 words.

Roadside Assistance (Bryce Can Play, Part 7)

When Mat’s away, Bryce can play.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

With only one more sleep till his husband returns, Bryce blows a tire.

He wants to get home and some rest; after all, he wants to be at his friskiest for his reunion with Mat.

But when he encounters a stranger with a confident touch and a quiet sense of humor, he decides he can stay up a little later. Throwing caution to the wind, he’s rewarded with a secret encounter he’ll never forget. There’s nothing like a warm tongue and two strong hands to make a bad night a little better.

Join him for night of slow seduction, almost getting caught, and a strong man who's happy to bend him over backwards.

“Roadside Assistance” is the seventh story in a series, but can be enjoyed as a standalone. It’s perfect for lovers of handsome strangers, anonymous hook-ups, and public sex in the great outdoors. 5500 words.

RA Info
Reclaimed (Bryce Can Play, Part 8)

Mat was away. Now Bryce has to pay.

His husband’s been gone for a whole week, but Bryce has found ways to keep busy, and he’s made a lot of other men happy in the process.

But now Mateo’s home, and it’s time for him to remind Bryce who he belongs to.

After their joyful reunion, these two men engage in an afternoon of reclamation roleplay in which Mat takes control of his wayward husband, forcing him to submit and earn forgiveness.

Bryce had his fun. Now he’s got to put in the work.

“Reclaimed” is the eighth story in a series, but can be enjoyed as a standalone. It’s perfect for lovers of D/s relationships, including bondage, body worship, underwear kink, humiliation play, rough sex, and affectionate aftercare. 11000 words.

Rec Info
Break Me Down

Erik's a small-town boy with big dreams. He arrived in New York hoping to see his name in lights. So far all he's gotten is a stupid part in a rinky-dink all-male revue.

Oh, and he's got a boyfriend, too. A sweet, stable, boring boyfriend. An accidental boyfriend, actually. Erik doesn't know when their casual hook-ups turned serious, but somehow they did. Chad's affectionate. He's clearly into Erik. He's...convenient. But Erik isn't sure it's enough. In fact, he's probably going to dump him any day now.

Then Erik meets his boyfriend's older brother.

Miles is way more attractive than Chad, with a wicked smile and killer eyes. He's not sweet, and he's definitely not stable. He wears his checkered past like a badge of honor. And he knows just how to push Erik's buttons.

Chad worships his big brother. Erik's feelings are...more complicated.

Erik's always thought of himself as a decent guy, but he's finding it hard to resist temptation.

Turns out any defense can be broken down.


BREAK ME DOWN is not a romance novel. It explores themes of desire and obsession, and features selfish characters making selfish decisions. An HEA is not guaranteed. It is not meant to model an ethical sexual or romantic relationship. 24000 words.

BMD Info
Too Like the Lightning

Andrew Madigan had everything he ever wanted.

He’d worked hard to build this perfect little life. A stable relationship with a successful man. A beautiful home in a quiet suburb. And best of all, a job where he spent his days talking about literature.

Then his tenure was denied and, too quickly for him to stop it, everything crumbled.

Now, with his dreams in the dust and his confidence shattered, Andrew has one summer to figure out his next move.

Bulbs, Florida, is like no place Andrew’s ever known. It’s small and provincial. It’s hot as hell. Storms roll through every single day. But Andrew just has to keep his head down. Finish his book, find a new job, put things back on track. Easy-peasy.

He didn’t plan on making a friend.

Coley Brandt has a green thumb and an easy smile. He’s much younger than Andrew, but he puts Andrew at ease, makes him feel at home. Their time together reminds Andrew what having a purpose feels like.

Suddenly, the summer doesn’t seem so lonely.

But Coley has dreams of his own, and they’re a million miles away from the life Andrew’s trying to get back.

Maybe this is just a summer fling. Maybe, like lightning, it’s glorious in the moment before it disappears.

Or maybe it’s something more.

Too Like the Lightning is a steamy small-town, age-gap romance. It’s perfect for lovers of second chances, coffee on the back porch, thunderstorms, poetry, and happily ever afters. 85,000 words.

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