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Literary gay erotica and erotic romance

Too Like the Lightning

Available March 2022
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About Travis

Having lived in Miami, Chicago, and NYC, I eventually ended up twenty minutes from where I was born, in Nowhere, Virginia, where the days are quiet and the stars are bright.  I share a big old farmhouse with my unbelievably supportive husband, a terrorist cat, and the world’s most neurotic dog.

I am nerdy about lots of things, including but not limited to classical rhetoric, the lives of the saints, Egyptian mythology, Shakespeare, contemporary fantasy, and the Muppets. Nevertheless, I am fun at parties.

I like rainy days, long drives, and cuddling. I drink more coffee than I ought.

Though it sometimes contains more plot and character development than strictly necessary, I get off on writing filthy gay erotica, usually with a light-to-moderate D/s edge. I hope you enjoy it.

I am active on Twitter (@beaudoin_travis) and check Goodreads when I remember to. You can sign up for my newsletter under the Free Smut tab (simultaneously earning some free smut for your troubles), and message me using the form under the Contact tab.

My Books

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On Display (BCP 1)


Throw Hips (BCP 4)


Roadside Assistance (BCP 7)


Couples Therapy (BCP 2)


Quick Study (BCP 5)


Reclaimed (BCP 8)


Turned Out (BCP 3)


In the Dark (BCP 6)

Break Me Down Travis Beaudoin Cover

Break Me Down

Too Like the Lightning
Available March 2022


Bespoke erotica for the discerning reader.

Is there a special fantasy you'd like to see play out?

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“The Party Crasher” is a 6000-word stand-alone story depicting aggressive sex between stepbrothers.


It features spanking, choking, potentially triggering language, and unprotected intercourse.


It is a work of fantasy. It is not meant to model a healthy, ethical D/s relationship.


There is no HEA.

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